Over the last few years I’ve been using linux desktop as main workspace and upgrade it into relatively powerfull machine. Either for software development, data analysys, and gaming. Unfortunately the gaming part is the most painfull experience for me. It’s just unreliable to play games on linux environment. You never know if the game you try to play will run or not.

Everytime I update my system (kernel update, driver update, application update) something just broke. The game refuse to start. I need to tinker it by checking the logs. Sometimes it works, most of the times it’s not. The most frustating part is controller rumble support. Playing racing game without rumble feedback is like missing half of the experience.

I still keeping my windows installation for games that flat out refuse to run on linux. This dual boot environment also the main pain point for me. I try to use the same directory as steam library between linux and windows version. When it works, I can save storage space by installing the same game twice. Recently this setup is broke on linux. I can’t run my games anymore. I might be able to re-install it on other drive/directory, but I don’t want to re-download ~50GB data each time the setup broke.

For now I will uninstall steam from my linux desktop and use windows exclusively for gaming.