By default steam library will be installed to your home directory when installed on linux. Unfortunately my drive only 128GB, not enough to install most AAA title. Fortunately I have NAS server with large storage. It would be nice to put game library on this server. That way I can share it between linux and windows (hopefully).

How To

  • Create NFS share on your NAS. This is an example of my configuration. It can only be accessed from ip address (my desktop pc).
  • Mount your NFS share into local directory. You can use mount command or add entry on your /etc/fstab
# /etc/fstab
# ...	/home/zackad/Games	nfs	defaults,noatime,users,exec	0	0
  • Make sure that you add exec at the end of option, otherwise steam will complain about your mount missing execute permission
  • Open steam Settings -> Downloads -> Steam Library Folder

Steam Settings

  • Click ‘+’ button to add library folder

Add library folder

  • Select ‘Let me choose another location’

Select location

  • Choose your folder to store steam library. Make sure that folder you choose is empty.

Select forlder

  • Now you can use this new library to store your game or application